Rokkō Kōzan Shokubutsu-en (六甲高山植物園), otherwise called Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden, is a professional flowerbed loaded up with an assortment of plants, plants and furthermore wonderful regular blossoms from everywhere throughout the world. Since this nursery is a regular professional flowerbed, the kind of plants or plants in blossom is likewise not the same as each season. Different sorts of lovely blossoms that you can not discover in Indonesia would you be able to meet here!

Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden is situated at Mt. Rokko, Kobe, Japan is one of Japan’s first blossom gardens. Worked in 1933 this botanic nursery presently houses in excess of 1,000 types of verdure from around the globe, incorporating those just in Mt. Rokko itself.

Since the greenhouse is an occasional blossom garden, sprouting blossoms will likewise contrast each month and season. Before you visit this professional flowerbed, it is acceptable to check the official site first with the goal that you know, what blossoms are in sprout.

Walk May (Spring)


Rhododendron is a bloom regularly found in Asia. By and large splendidly shaded. This blossom will sprout in mid-April as far as possible of April.

Symplocarpus Foetidus or known likewise by the name Skunk cabbage is a plant that develops in North America, particularly in the Nova Scotia district to Tennessee. Called “Skunk cabbage” in light of the fact that the aroma of this plant is solid when the leaves are torn or harmed. This plant will sprout in mid-March as far as possible of March.

Otherwise called Goldthread, this blossom is a bloom that develops in the Asian area. Full blossom from the earliest starting point of March until the finish of March.

May – July (pre-summer – late-spring)

Hydrangea macrophylla is known as the French hydrangea. The name is very unusual, considering it is a bloom endemic to Japan. Can be utilized as a tea (Amacha). Blossom in late June to mid-July.

The enthusiasm for Asia’s natural surroundings will blossom in mid-May to late May.

Known by the name of the organization, it is a bloom endemic to the mountains of Japan. It will blossom in mid-May to mid-June.

July – September (pre-fall – early pre-winter)

Known as Hegotai in Japan, this bloom has a dandelion-like shape. Sprout in mid-July to early September.

Known as the Golden-rayed lily or Yamayuri in Japan, the blossom endemic to Japan is one of the most lovely lilies, with splendid shades of red, yellow and white that look striking and delightful. This bloom additionally has a fragrant smell. Blossom in mid-July to early August.

A progressively natural blossom called waterlily is a bloom that develops on water. Blossom from early July to the finish of September.

September – November (pre-winter – late-fall)

Swertia Bimaculata
Swertia Bimaculata

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Swertia Bimaculata will sprout in the mid to late September.

The blossoms from Kamchatka to Japan will sprout from late September to mid-October.

The blossoms of Saxifraga cortusifolia are normally found in cool regions, and the Snowy Mountains will sprout from late October to mid-November.

Here are a few instances of the blossoms right now, once more, it would be ideal if you visit the site of the sprouting blossom plan above to discover what blossoms are blossoming.

This wonderful blossoms and nursery that you can appreciate in a comfortable walk joined by the cool mountains and daylight that snooping from the sidelines of the trees along the Botanic Gardens.